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Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite interactive tools is the home page of TED.  I’m sure we’ve all seen TED videos, but the recently updated site has made it incredibly easy and FUN to search & browse through hundreds of videos on all sorts of topics.

The home page uses a tiled video wall, which changes dynamically as you make selections from the adjacent filter menus. Videos can be mapped out by release date, most viewed, most emailed, and most comments, while the video’s quickly arrange themselves.   In addition, keywords like persuasive, ingenious, inspiring, and funny, keep you searching until you find a video that fits your current mood. Add in a simple keyword search box, and you can quickly drill down to find whatever topics you’re in the mood for.

TED has a high stickiness factor, because of constant supply of new “forefront” ideas from all kinds of industries. Watching the most talented, gifted people on the planet ponder out loud the future of things like electricity, psychology, parenting and robotics (to name a few), is very inspiring. It lets me know that there are still so many ideas out there, waiting to be discovered!

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