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Target: Color Changes Everything

I really like the ‘Color Changes Everything’ ad which Target released on Valentine’s Day of 2012. Target works hard to deliver the message of “Expect More, Pay Less” in all of its campaigns and there is no exception here. In this ad they have pushed the concept that ‘anyone can be fabulous.’ Target has worked hard to establish this as a core focus for their brand.

As the ad begins, a red hot air balloon lands in the middle of a busy city and a small horde of ‘color’ jumps out and proceeds to spread throughout the area, leaving Target designed clothing and house ware products in place of the dull and unstylish versions that existed. I love the fact that the ‘color’ creating all of the change is represented by people in colorful outfits; this adds a very human touch to the commercial and implies that the power is in our hands as customers to be out of the ordinary. Additionally, the stylish and light French folk song ‘Alouette’ delivers the brand’s modern and unique approach.

This particular ad is both over the top and reserved in content. With dozens of ‘colors’ running around hurriedly, the energy is fast paced, yet the only copy evident in the ad reflects the brand’s core focus. “Color Changes Everything”; “Expect More. Pay Less.”; and at the very beginning of the ad, the twitter hashtag #TargetColor

What this ad really communicates well is ‘Why’ Target exists. Affordable Designer Products. Target assumes the Magician archetype nicely, by communicating how simple style can be. “Color Changes Everything” seems almost like a blindfold being pulled off by a neighbor; as if to say “hey this room/outfit/makeup would look great if you added a splash of color, here let me show you’. I love target because they are considered number two to Walmart in terms of the discount retailer market share, but differentiate themselves so well by, according to the CNBC Original: Inside the Bullseye ‘bringing a fun, cool, design driven destination for their customers.’


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